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Verizon's first PS5 restock is now over — here's where to check for stock next

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Update: Verizon's first-ever restock has ended in a familiar way. All the stock of the console was snapped up in a matter of minutes, and the retailer is now sold out. Check our PS5 restock hub for the latest updates and retailers to check next.  

The PS5 is celebrating its first birthday this month, and Verizon (opens in new tab) is marking the occasion with its first-ever PS5 restock. Right now, the disc edition of the hugely in-demand next-gen console is currently available to buy from the retailer for $499. 

It's important to note that isn't an open drop available to anybody looking to buy a PS5. In order to purchase a console, you need to be a Verizon subscriber (Either wireless or FiOS). If you meet that criteria, you just need to log into your Verizon account and the stock can be added to your basket. 

PS5: $499 @ Verizon (opens in new tab)
For Verizon customers only, Verizon is now offering PS5 consoles. Sony's flagship gaming machine, the PS5 is one of the most in-demand tech products currently available. For good reason: this powerful console boasts 4K visuals, an innovative DualSense controller, and a 4K Blu-ray drive. This is Verizon's first PS5 restock to date. 

Because Verison is not a retailer known for hosting PS5 restocks, there could be less competition for stock. This drop could be glossed over by some of the more active PS5 stock trackers as well, which again could mean less competition. We recommend quickly heading over the website if you're looking to secure a PS5 ahead of the holiday season.

This drop hasn't come completely out of the blue. Verizon did confirm it would begin selling PS5s consoles earlier this month, and we've not had to wait long for the first drop. It's currently unknown if this is just a one-off restock or if Verizon will join the likes of Walmart, Target, Best Buy and GameStop and start holding regular PS5 restocks. 

If you're still desperately searching for a PS5 but aren't already a Verizon customer then make sure to check out our PS5 restock hub. This comprehensive guide is updated daily with the latest restock information to ensure you never miss a drop at a major retailer. 

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