This Patagonia Sun Mask is keeping me warm and cozy this winter — and it's just $16 right now

A man wearing a Patagonia neck gaiter with the Seattle skyline behind him.
Image taken upon my return to Seattle. (Image credit: Future)

I often spend the holiday season visiting family members in climates colder than my own. So, I like to be extra prepared for winter’s biting chill when trekking to the frigid wasteland that is New Jersey. Warmth, weight, style and comfort matter most to me in cold-weather gear. And no brand checks all the boxes, IMHO, better than Patagonia, which happens to be having a New Year’s sale. 

One of my favorite cool-climate accessories, the Patagonia UPF Sun Mask, is marked down to just $16 for a savings of 54% off. With four fresh styles to choose from, there’s no reason not to snag at least one of these versatile and fashionable pieces.

Patagonia UPF Sun Mask: was $35 aa $16 @ Patagonia

Patagonia UPF Sun Mask: was $35 aa $16 @ Patagonia
The Patagonia UPF Sun Mask is a super soft and lightweight neck gaiter made from a mix of moisture-wicking polyester and stretchy spandex. Perfect for keeping the sun, wind and chill off your face, neck and chin while enjoying the great outdoors, it's available now in several awesome varieties for just $16. 

A cold-weather friend

While not specifically marketed as a winter weather accessory, I wear my Patagonia UPF Sun Mask any time the temps drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 Celcius). I especially like it for outdoor hikes, bike rides and snowboard missions.

The Sun Mask provides ample warmth and wind resistance for its weight and can be worn in multiple configurations, including pulled over the head, thanks to its extra-long 18.5-inch design. 

(On particularly cold days, though, I swap the synthetic gaiter for a wool one, like this Ridge Merino Neck Tube.)

A man wearing a Patagonia neck gaiter next to a curious dog.

Don't worry, we're not nearly as tough as we look.  (Image credit: Future)

My new favorite travel accessory 

Along with my Bose noise-cancelling headphones, inflatable neck pillow and iPad, the Patagonia UPF Sun Mask is the latest travel accessory I won't leave home without.  

In addition to providing warmth on chilly flights, it can be pulled completely over one's face for maximum privacy. Don't worry. The fabric is easy to breathe through. Worn in this fashion, it also functions as a rudimentary eye mask. Moreover, I find the soft, silky material comforting. And any additional bit of personal comfort counts when flying coach.

It also looks darn stylish and adds a sense of personal flare to one's outfit, which, in my case, tends to consist of far too much black. But with just a touch of purple around the neck, I look considerably less drab. More importantly, even my Aunt Barbara complimented it.

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Dan Bracaglia
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