This 55-inch LG OLED TV is now just $896 ahead of Black Friday

A photo of the LG A2 OLED 4K TV on a purple background
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The best Black Friday deals are already causing quite a stir, and it looks like the biggest retailers have started competing on some very generous discounts. That includes some really quite remarkable savings on one of best budget OLED TVs.

Right now you can get the 55” LG A2 OLED 4K TV for $896 at Amazon. That’s $403 off the usual price, and $3 less than the same discounted TV would run you back at Best Buy. Don’t let the fact it’s not marked as a deal fool you, this is one great discount on a fantastic TV.

LG A2 55" 4K OLED TV: $1,299 $896 @ Amazon

LG A2 55" 4K OLED TV: $1,299 $896 @ Amazon
This is the larger version of LG's entry-level OLED for 2022. It's currently $403 off and offers Dolby Vision/HDR10/HLG support, LG's webOS platform, and built-in Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa. 

OLED TVs are well-known for having some of the best picture quality around — easily outmatching the LCD display you might have in your living room. Each individual pixel has its own color and lightning, offering deeper blacks, richer colors and a much wider range of viewing angles.

There’s plenty to love about the LG A2 as well. This set comes with a 55-inch 4K display, complete with Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG support, so there’s no reason why everything can’t look its absolute best. It also offers Google Assistant and Alexa support, and LG’s webOS software is often considered one of the best smart TV platforms.

Sadly, OLED tech is expensive, and while the LG A2 OLED line is built to try and make it all more accessible, there are some caveats. Refresh rate is limited to 60Hz, and there’s no support for HDMI 2.1. That may be fine for watching Netflix, but it means the A2 is not one to buy if you want to squeeze the best picture out of your new games console. You'll need one of the best gaming TVs for that.

If the 55-inch screen is too big for you, then head over to Best Buy which is currently offering a crazy $730 off the price of the 48-inch LG A2. That said, Amazon has the edge on the bigger model, because every dollar counts. If the LG A2 isn’t to your liking, then be sure to check out our list of the best Black Friday TV deals, and don’t forget to see what other great Amazon Black Friday deals are already available.

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