Samsung's top budget phone comes with free earbuds in Memorial Day bargain

Galaxy A53 Memorial Day sale
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Midrange phones are a great way to get a handset that has premium features, but without the flagship-level price to match. One of your best midrange options right now is the Samsung Galaxy A53. Thanks to a Memorial Day sale at Samsung, you can pick up something extra when you buy this new model.

You can already save $100 on the Galaxy A53 with an eligible trade-in at Samsung, reducing your cost to $349. But this weekend, buying the Galaxy A53 also gets you a pair of Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Buds 2 to go with your new phone. That's a $150 value, Samsung says.

Samsung Galaxy A53: Free Galaxy Buds Live or Buds 2 with purchase @ Samsung

Samsung Galaxy A53: Free Galaxy Buds Live or Buds 2 with purchase @ Samsung
Trade in a phone when you buy the Galaxy A53, and Samsung will knock up to $100 off the cost of the device. In addition, you can get pair of wireless earbuds with your phone purchase — either the Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Buds 2.

The Galaxy A53 is currently the best cheap phone you can get for less than $500, so any deal that lets you save even more is worth taking. The free wireless earbuds are a helpful bonus, since that saves you the cost of having to spring for a new pair. Both the Galaxy Buds Live and the Galaxy Buds 2 offer noise cancellation, though the feature works a little better on the Buds 2. Otherwise, expect a comfortable fit with whichever pair you grab.

As for the phone, our Galaxy A53 review praised the 120 Hz refresh rate on the device's 6.5-inch display, as well as the microSD card slot that lets you expand storage. Thanks to Samsung's generous software update policy, you can hold onto this phone longer than ever.

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