I've just discovered a hidden Amazon Prime member benefit — and it's seriously tasty

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Amazon Prime is a remarkably comprehensive membership package. While practically every subscriber is aware of the core benefits like unlimited free delivery and access to streaming service Prime Video, an Amazon Prime membership also offers a load of hidden benefits that often get overlooked. 

Case in point, while scrolling through the Amazon app earlier this week, I discovered that a Prime membership comes with a FREE year of Deliveroo Plus. I was completely unaware of this perk until stumbling upon it by complete accident. Registering for my free year of Deliveroo Plus was super straightforward as well, I just had to log in and link the service to my Prime account. 

Amazon Prime: £7.99/month @ Amazon

Amazon Prime: £7.99/month @ Amazon
Amazon Prime gives shoppers access to free delivery on more than 100 million products. It also includes loads of additional perks including Prime Video, Prime Music and a free year of Deliveroo Plus. Membership costs just £7.99 a month, and even better if you're a new subscriber you can get your first free month. 

As you may be aware, Deliveroo is a food delivery service that allows you to order from thousands of restaurants and takeaways, as well as supermarkets and grocery stores. You might be familiar with that frustrating moment when your takeaway order price leaps up just before paying after pricey delivery is factored into the final cost, that’s where Deliveroo Plus can help. 

With Deliveroo Plus, you get free delivery on all orders over £25. That’s not exactly a high bar to clear either. Takeaway prices have slowly crept up over the past few years and now ordering food for even a small group of people can easily cost north of £30. When ordering a takeaway the last thing you want to be budgeting for is delivery costs as well. 

Deliveroo Plus usually costs £3.99 a month (with a gold option that costs £7.99, which brings the minimum order threshold down to just £10). As mentioned, if you have a Prime account you can get a whole year of Devlieroo Plus for free. Considering that Prime costs £7.99 a month and this is just an added bonus, this is not a perk to turn your nose up at. 

If you frequently find yourself ordering food rather than making it yourself (no judgment here), then make sure to take advantage of this hidden Prime member benefit, it could save you more money than you realise over the course of a year. 

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