Get up to $3,559 off a Bear mattress and zero gravity bed combo in flash sale

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Bear mattresses are popular with couples seeking excellent motion isolation and deep comfort, plus fitness fans looking to recover faster from intense exercise. The brand has just launched an excellent deal for anyone looking for a pressure relieving mattress coupled with a zero gravity bed to eliminate weight on your joints: save 50% on the Bear Elite Hybrid and Adjustable Flex Bed when purchased together, with prices from $1,851 for a queen combo.

However, the Adjustable Flex Bed is marked as final sale, meaning it's non-refundable and doesn’t come with a sleep trial. The Elite Hybrid mattress, however, is refundable and comes with free returns and a 120-night sleep trial. The lifetime warranty and free shipping still applies to both products. You'll also get a free bedding bundle (pillows, a sheet set and mattress protector) worth up to $500. 

Bear makes some of the best mattresses for all sleepers, thanks to its wide range of hybrid and memory foam beds that focus on cooling comfort and ample support. When putting together our Bear Elite Hybrid mattress review, our sleep team was impressed with the bed's celliant-fiber cover for boosting circulation to help your cells recover faster after exercise. Our reviewers also found it to be comfortable for all sleep positions thanks to its cushioning quilted top and firm coil support. 

The Bear Adjustable Flex Bed, meanwhile, comes with a range of features, including a zero gravity setting (which can help with conditions such as acid reflux, sleep apnea, and back and joint pain), and is compatible with all mattress types. 

Bear Mattress Adjustable Bed Deal
Was:From $1,851 at Bear Mattress

Bear Mattress Adjustable Bed Deal
from $3,703
From: from $1,851 at Bear Mattress
Saving: Up to $3,359

Summary: The Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress is the brand’s most popular mattress thanks to its one-size-fits-all comfort and materials designed to speed up nighttime recovery in those who lead an active lifestyle. The hybrid is generously thick and tall, standing at 14" and constructed from six layers. The celliant fibers (found in sports clothing) woven into the cover promise to boost circulation, while a tier of sturdy coils are added to give firmer back support to help with aches and pains. During testing, we agreed that the bed absorbs motions well 9making it a good fit for couples) but found that the edge support could be better and wasn’t the most luxurious mattress around. The Adjustable Flex Bed, meanwhile, has lots of different features: a zero gravity position for conditions such as acid reflux and snoring, customisable presets, and adjustable height. However, it’s marked as final sale, so you can’t return it or try it out (but the lifetime warranty still applies).

Benefits: 120-night trial (Excludes Adjustable Flex Bed) | Lifetime warranty | Free shipping 

Price history: 35% off seems to be the most popular discount at Bear Mattress, though we have seen 30% off sales outside of holiday events. When bought separately, the Elite Hybrid Mattress and Adjustable Flex Bed is 35% off with code TOMS35. We can't guarantee how long this current bundle deal will stick around for long so we'd buy sooner rather than later if you're interested.

What is a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are beds that combine spring and foam (or spring and latex), meaning you’ll get both the benefits of an innerspring mattress — such as better airflow, bounce, and firmness — and the body-hugging comfort of a memory foam bed all rolled into one. 

As they combine different mattress types, hybrids are generally suitable for all kinds of sleepers. The downside of their wide appeal is that they tend to be quite expensive. Our guide to the best hybrid mattresses of the year will walk you through all the top-rated options and what to look for when buying one. 

What is the zero gravity position for sleep? 

A zero gravity bed is an adjustable bed base that enables you to sleep in the zero gravity position. In the zero gravity position, your body is placed at a 120-degree angle, with head and feet raised slightly above your heart and stomach. 

Its name is derived from the weightlessness you feel when in the position, which helps you to feel relaxed and supported as there’s no gravity impacting your body. The position is especially good for joint and back pain, but is also beneficial for snoring, sleep apnea, sleep anxiety, digestive issues and arthritis. Our best smart beds and mattresses guide goes into more detail.

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