The Apple Vision Pro accessory you shouldn't overlook

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The Apple Vision Pro is a unique piece of technology. Not just a VR headset, it's a so-called "spatial computer," a fully-fledged device that you just happen to strap directly to your face.

But like a traditional laptop or computer, there's something that we think you need to make the most of your shiny new purchase, and luckily it won't set you back another $3,500. We're talking about one of the best VPNs, and here's why you should get one. 

Note: Luckily the Apple Vision Pro has a designated VPN section in the settings menu, and although there aren't many Vision Pro-specific VPN apps, you can use adapted iOS versions for many top providers. Don't go for a name you haven't heard of purely because it has a Vision Pro-optimised app. 

1. Protection from hackers

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Despite its limited battery life, the Vision Pro is a piece of tech you're meant to experience the world in. That inevitably means connecting to public Wi-Fi. 

Unfortunately, while you're blurring the line between the real and virtual, you'll want some protection from hackers. Public Wi-Fi can be a minefield with so-called man-in-the-middle attacks where those up to no good will set up a fraudulent Wi-FI network that seems super convenient but actually hijacks users' key information. If you're a hacker and can see someone who has a $3,500 headset, you're going to assume they have the most to steal. Having a VPN on encrypts your data, making it pretty much worthless to hackers.

Given the assumed privacy of a Vision Pro (being a self-contained bubble for the user's eyes only) the headset is a particularly compromising target. It's all about storing your precious memories on. In my opinion, there's a greater sanctity to having a screen (and camera) directly on your face that you need to feel at peace with when using it. The increased protection of a VPN makes me feel secure when browsing the internet, and the same theory applies to the Vision Pro.

If you're using your Vision Pro to connect to and operate your MacBook, there's no point in having a VPN on the MacBook and not the headset. Hackers will find the weak link in the chain. Most leading providers will give you coverage for multiple devices too.

2. Streaming freedom

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One of the most exciting uses of the Apple Vision Pro is its potential for streaming. Watching your favorite movies on a giant 4K display wherever you are is a pretty exciting sell. 

You can even create a virtual environment like your very own private movie theatre for the ultimate experience. But what if your choice of movie isn't available? That's where one of the best streaming VPNs comes in.

The top streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video and of course, AppleTV+ have differing libraries of content in different regions. If you're not in your home country then you can use a VPN to spoof your location to a server in your home country and gain access to all your regular shows and movies. 

Privacy Pro

3. Privacy and censorship

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As well as staying safe with your Vision Pro, you'll also want to stay private. A VPN is a great way to stay private from not only hackers but your Internet Service Provider (ISP). What right do they have to gather details on you from your internet habits? 

Using a VPN stops your ISP from identifying what you're using your internet connection for. If you're using a lot of bandwidth they may even try and slow down your connection with something called "throttling," but again, a VPN makes it much harder for them to do so. 

Censorship is also an issue for some ISPs and even entire countries. For example, in Russia, there is no access at all to Facebook or X (formerly known as Twitter). A VPN is the best way to get around these blocks. 

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