Computex 2024 Day 4 — 7 incredible gadgets you need to see

Sentinel Cypher 1 custom PC at Computex 2024.
(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

We’re all about Computex 2024 this week here at Tom’s Guide. The coolest computing event of the year continues to astound us with amazing PC-oriented products, and our team on the ground in Taiwan is doing some eye-catching camera work on the show floor.

Yesterday at Computex Day 3 we were all over the incredibly exciting Asus TUF Gaming A14 laptop, a mid-tower PC case housing a Lego Wolverine and a racing cockpit simulator our own Jason England will be picturing in his deepest dreams for months. 

Now we’re deep into Day 4 of Computex, and the stakes keep getting raised. Scroll down for awesome photos of some obscene yet entirely awesome computing tech our TG crew has been testing today in Taipei. Spoiler: one entry involves the actual President of Taiwan semi-interacting with the MSI Claw.  

Essencore Custom Steampunk PC

There's really not much to say about this wooden case PC. Actually, there might be a couple of things. Firstly, it looks absolutely incredible, somehow combining Jetsons and Matrix vibes. And second, it's hard to envision a world where this actually becomes a real product regular folks can buy.

More's the pity.

AceMagic Z1A

AceMagic Z1A dual-screen laptop at Computex 2024.

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Dual-screen laptops can often come across as a tad gimmicky, yet in terms of boosting productivity they can be super useful. The Alder Lake-powered Z1A may not rock the best specs in the world, but it's still kinda neat.

Specs-wise, we're looking at a duo of 14.1-inch 16:9 IPS displays, with a pixel count of 1920 x 1200. An integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics solution isn't going to set the world on fire, yet at least this portable PC is pleasingly lightweight. Even with its twin panels, it tips the scales at just 1.8kg  (63.4 ounces), and will be available in both Windows 11 and Linux-based models. 

Also, PSA: its keyboard informs you to "Stay hungry, Stay foolish"—so there's something to ponder. 


There's a lot more to this QD-OLED screen than the fact it's rocking the worst product moniker of all time. For one thing, it's got some straight up Terminator features going on.

Enter A.I. Sky Sight. This incredibly forward-looking tech utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically detect an on-screen enemy's position in one of the best Steam games before highlighting them on this futuristic display.

The MEG 321URX also has another couple of cool features to shout about. The first of which is "OLED Care 2.0", which promises to significantly reduce the chances of display-ruining OLED screen burn-in.

This potentially amazing 31.5-inch 4K display (that boasts a refresh rate of 240Hz), also sports a "SpectrumBar" with "Mystic Light" and “Glow Sync". In real-world speak? This monitor can mimic the on-screen colors of whatever game you're playing through soft ambient light.

Acer Swift 14 AI

Acer Swift 14 AI laptop at Computex 2024.

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Acer's new Swift 14 is a thin-and-light ultraportable and, as is the ongoing trend, this puppy sports some fancy new AI features. And when you're using them it's pretty sweet how the company conveys to the user when the NPU is getting a workout.

Anytime those Neural Processing Units are being put through their paces, a little light-up indicator on this laptop's touchpad will start to glow. Maybe this feature could get irksome after a while, but we're digging it so far. Acer's AI laptop will come in both AMD Ryzen AI 300 and Intel Lunar Lake flavors. 

Sentinel Cypher 1

Sentinel Cypher custom PC at Computex 2024.

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

As awesome as Computex is, one issue the event routinely throws up is showing off incredible looking custom PCs that you'll never have the chance to actually own... unless you try to sneak the display unit out of the Nangang Exhibition Center in an unfeasibly large rucksack. And the Sentinel Cypher may be no different.

This gorgeous rig rocks some serious "Fallout" vibes, with an aesthetic that appears to have just endured an atomic blast, yet is still able to function. Nvidia and Intel must be blown away by Essencore's work, as neither company is likely to see an RTX 4070 or Intel Core i7-14700K be housed in such a wonderfully unique rig again. 

Z10 DS Display

Z10 DS Display at Computex 2024.

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

This is quite a fresh concept: a tempered glass display that can be attached to your PC. Freshness aside, though, this attachable screen may not be all that alluring to hardcore gamers. While the functionality of this panel should be commended, a 1080p/60Hz display that only covers 62% of the sRGB color gamut is unlikely to get display nerds massively hot under the collar. Still, the concept is pretty nifty. 

MSI Claw 8 AI Plus gets the Presidential treatment

Lai Ching Te visiting MSI Claw booth at Computex 2024.

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The oddest incident to occur on Day 4 of Computex 2024? The actual Taiwanese President Lai Ching Te gracing the MSI Claw booth. 

As someone who's writing about the mega computing event from the frigid shores of the United Kingdom, this journo is struggling to envision a scenario where Rishi Sunak holds a Steam Deck OLED for the cameras in the build-up to Britain's first General Election since 2019.

To be fair, the new MSI Claw 8 AI Plus does look like it could be deserving of such a major PR event. This upgraded handheld PC should represent a major upgrade over the OG model thanks to Intel's latest Lunar Lake chip. 

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