Best Smartphone Cameras 2015

With their high-quality sensors, powerful shooting modes and multitude of camera settings, smartphones have shown point-and-shoot cameras the door. Based on our in-depth testing, the iPhone 6s Plus is the best camera phone around. Its 12-megapixel sensor captured bright and sharp photos, offering vivid colors in both bright and low-light conditions.

The Nexus 6P is a close runner-up, thanks in part to the relatively large 1.55-micron pixels its sensor supports. It edged out competitors such as the LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5/S6 Edge Plus in our head-to-head comparisons.

How We Test Phone Cameras

We put the market's leading handsets through a variety of common shooting situations, such as landscapes, portraits and selfies in daylight and at night. Then, we analyzed each set of images on a color-calibrated monitor to see which smartphone had the best combination of color accuracy, clarity and contrast. The iPhone 6s Plus stood out for its superior performance both in daylight and low light, but more so for its ability to adeptly render a variety of skin tones.

In each of our smartphone reviews, we also factor in the phone's camera performance by testing it in bright, indoor and low-light conditions, as well as by recording and analyzing video clips.

Check out our all of our top picks below.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus By Carrier: AT&T |Sprint | T-Mobile | Verizon

Apple iPhone 6 Plus By Carrier: AT&T | Sprint | T-Mobile | Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active By Carrier: AT&T

HTC Desire Eye By Carrier: AT&T

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  • Seems odd to call a camera with severe white balance issues the best (unless they fixed it with an update and I didn't read about it yet). I agree that the autofocus is exceptionally good though.
  • No lumia 1020, I am a bit surprised about that
  • I thought there was an issue with the iphones camera?
  • SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I thought there was an issue with the iphones camera?

    Lol, when has having severe problems stopped reviewers putting Apple top?
  • This article is just fapping to Apple, it's lies, crap and garbage, this website will forever be blocked on my end now.

    The "Best" Camera phone is still the Lumia 1020 (42 Megapixel, large sensor surface area and a tiny 1.12? sensor size) or Sony Xerpia X1, heck even the Lumia 1520 all poop on the iPhone.
  • No Lumias?? Haha! Especially... no Lumia 1020? So, we should have absolute pristine quality in those phones showed here once lumia 1020 is really very, very, very good at taking pictures.
  • HTC cameras are very good.
  • Someone is trying to promote Apple products. No smartphone camera comes near the Lumia 1020.Fact !!
  • I have Nokia Lumia 1520, my phone is having 20 megapixel camera, this type of camera i have never seen before, it gives excellent photo with very good contrast. Autofocus, duel led flash, nose reduction, sports cam, zeis lens, clear black, full hd zoom, auto subject detection and much more. Dear Web Administrator please check this Lumia 1520 once. Request.
  • I have iPhone5s and lumina 1520. I liked lumia camera.. It's awesome. But in lumia editing is not soo good...
  • Has Tom ever seen a Lumia around??????? Looooool
  • What a joke! The best smartphone camera is the Carl Zeiss lensed, optical image stabilized, 41MP sensor-ed Lumia 1020. Nothing else is remotely close.
  • Wow,you guys must be quite well informed about photography, still getting stuck at the "amount of pixels=quality" common misbelief. You can hate all you want, but there's a reason why the new iphones win almost every camera test done by anyone. This whole conspiracy theory about promoting apple (strangely enough, i read these comments on almost every page) is making you even more ridiculous.
  • You all are wrong. The best camera phone is micromax canvas 4 with 13 is more than an iphone 6 or any of the phone.
  • Better buy it
  • Apple products are nice and good engineered products at a price to be part of a the family. OK!
    But please consider this when you write down a judgment. 41Mp to finally shoot at 5Mp (or 8Mp in case of the 808) is a step to digital zooming and not ridiculous at all. Squeezing into a Smartphone a real optical zoom (even if I don't like Android) is another approach to give some closer camera feeling to the user has to be analyzed. So please don't title your article "the best..", just call it " the photophones I prefer". Let's agree that Nokia & Samsung are going different ways with quite different results. It all depends on everybody's expectations. I can't get excited about so simple solutions like Apple offers. But ok it's the save way to make business, without any interest for high tech development.
  • The best camera phone is note edge. It has 42 mp which is more than a lumia 1020 and 34 mp more than an i phone 6
  • Dear Tagenikang, do You mean the SM-N915G with its incurved screen? I Read in the tech specs 16MP !?
  • I know , but the quality of the image is 42 mp.
  • tagenikang said:
    I know , but the quality of the image is 42 mp.