The Best PC Games to Play Right Now

While console fans waste their time bickering over whether Destiny is better on Xbox One or PS4, PC owners game in style on the superior platform. Not only does the PC let you play AAA console hits like Dark Souls 2 or Far Cry 4, it is the only platform offering such games as Starcraft 2 and League of Legends. If you have a little patience, almost anything not involving Master Chief or Mario eventually makes it to your desktop or laptop.

PC games receive some of the heaviest discounts (I'm looking at you, Steam Sale), ensuring you get the most for your money. With digital libraries that stretch back decades, PC owners also enjoy a range of titles unmatched by any other platform. Let's not even talk about graphics; that would be too embarrassing for the console peasantry, as they are saddled with 900p resolutions and 30 fps gameplay on some of the biggest franchises. 

If you're ready to game in style, check out this selection of the best titles the PC has to offer.

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  • Nuckles_56
    No Witcher 3? That is surprising
  • TheVineyard00
    Minecraft Story Mode? I thought I could trust you, Sam!
  • Scott_47
    Why is XCOM 2 on a "Play Right Now" list? It hasn't even been released yet.
  • TheVineyard00
    Anonymous said:
    Why is XCOM 2 on a "Play Right Now" list? It hasn't even been released yet.

    It says "new and notable", meaning it should be watched as it could be great.
  • Mike_156
    In his defense, the title of the article is "The Best PC Games to Play Right Now"