Acer to Unveil Smartphone on Feb. 16

Acer has officially confirmed the date for the launch of the company’s smartphone. February 16, make a note!

It’s not easy to keep a secret in the tech industry, especially when it comes to consumer electronics. Everyone gets all excited and starts poking around looking for extra information; someone lets something slip to a blog and the next thing you know, it’s all over the place.

Whether no one cared enough to poke and pry, or if Acer is just really good at keeping secrets has yet to be determined, but there’s pretty much zip on what we’re going to get from this Acer brand smartphone. The company bought smartphone maker E-Ten last year and so an Acer phone was inevitable. Aside from the company spilling the beans and letting us know we’d see the first E-Ten/Acer baby in Q1 2009, we're eager to learn more.

This morning our mailboxes pinged with an invite to an Acer event at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We’re excited to see what Acer has to offer but we’re not expecting anything groundbreaking. Another pony in the smartphone race. Woo. Or something.

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  • Spikke
    I wonder what OS it will run.
  • falchard
    The great thing about acer is they always bring prices down of competing products.
  • Anonymous
    How can I get an invitation to the launche in Barcelona?
    Hope to see a greate piece of hardware and software...