Peloton's live DJ workouts are coming to the app soon — here’s what we know so far

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Ever since its first class, Peloton has used music to keep you motivated to work out. In the years since, the songs have gotten more varied, but now Peloton plans to take things a step further and will host their first live DJ ride later this year from their London studio.

Of course, you’ll need one of the best exercise bikes and a Peloton membership to take part, but it’s one of several dance-focused sessions that’ll be added to Peloton’s app throughout the year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the UK-based house label Defected Records.

The first class, taught by dancer-turned-instructor Leanne Hainsby with a custom music mix from BBC Radio DJ Arielle Free, goes live on March 21. There’ll be six cycling classes in total with tunes curated by the DJs on the Defected Records roster, and three live DJ rides too.

The new classes will be nightclub-inspired, so expect lots of vibrant colors and plenty of dance music (although hopefully without the sore head the next day), and you’ll even be able to book to attend these classes live at the Peloton studios in London.

If you’re not in the UK, the sessions will be live-streamed on the app to all Peloton Members. Although we don’t know what’ll be on each DJ's mix, Peloton and Defected have dropped a playlist with tracks from Idris Elba, CamelPhat, and Endor.

Defected Records launched in 1999 and has played a part in some modern house classics, like Roger Sanchez’s "Another Chance" and "Finally" by Kings of Tomorrow. More recently, Endor’s 2019 remix of "Pump It Up" has become a massive hit, racking up more than 330 million streams on Spotify.

These up-tempo dance tracks are also a great way to keep pace, so they’re ideal for soundtracking your spin sessions. It’s an interesting time for Peloton to launch dance-inspired workouts, as Zumba recently released an app so you can dance your way fit without needing a studio or group workout. 

Defected's DJs coupled with Peloton’s famously motivational instructors should make for a fun and effective ride that’ll work your muscles and get your heart pumping. But it might be worth popping in a set of workout headphones to save everyone else from the bass.

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