Samsung Galaxy Ring release date just leaked — here’s when it could arrive

Samsung Galaxy Ring
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Ring could be released as soon as July, according to a Korean publication. Originally announced during Samsung’s January 2024 Galaxy Unpacked, the Galaxy Ring will be Samsung's first ring-based wearable health monitor. 

In a recent article, ETNews detailed the current interest in ring wearables and the focus on the health market. Part of this announcement includes a statement about a launch date for the Galaxy Ring at a Galaxy Unpacked event in the latter half of July. This could also be the same event that sees the official announcement of the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

ET News has more than just a potential release date, it also lists some details about the Galaxy Ring's functions. According to the report, the Galaxy Ring will have ECG functionality, which would allow it to monitor your heart's electrical activity to "track and measure health and sleep-related information.”

Oura Ring with Samsung logo above it

(Image credit: Future)

ET News has also stated that the ring will come in 8 different types, although does not specify exactly what that means. This may mean the rings will come in 8 different sizes that can fit most finger types. There is no indication of how fitting the ring will work at this point. 

Currently, the main smart ring on the market is the Oura Ring, which is easily the main competition for the Galaxy Ring. There are indications that Apple also hopes to build its own version based on several patents that Apple has taken out recently that could relate to features on a ring-like wearable, although there’s currently no official word on the device. 

The idea of a July release seems too soon, but it would match with comments made by a Samsung exec on Linkedin, as reported by Android Authority, that stated the ring would see release in the latter half of 2024, although that post has since been removed.

As it stands will have to wait until we have a chance to test the Galaxy Ring to find out exactly what it can do, and if it is worth your time and money, so stay tuned. If you can't wait that long for a ring-style tracker, then it's worth considering Oura instead. 

After wearing the Oura Ring for a whole year, we were impressed by its fitness tracking and sleep monitoring abilities. That said, the battery life isn't perfect, so the Galaxy Ring could prove stiff competition if it lasts more than a few days between charges. 

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