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New App Puts Viral Videos on Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung Smart TV owners can now watch the most "viral" Internet videos with a new app from video-tracking company Visible Measures called VTV. The app, available via a software update, will feature the most popular Internet videos, based on VM's research, arranged in categories.

The videos are grabbed from many public sources on the Internet, including YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook, and are tailored to users based on their viewing behavior both in the app and on the Internet.

"What we try to do is serve up the most relevant content for that user based on what they are watching as well as what they are interested in," Paul Krasinski, CMO of Visible Measures, told Tom's Guide.

You may not have heard of Visible Measures, but the company's video ad technology is found across the Web, such as those on Condé Nast sites and pages. The company is using that experience with the mountains of data gathered from the videos it serves as well as from the entire Internet to determine the most viral videos.

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Whether it is a cat falling into a bathtub or a clip from a serious documentary, videos that are taking off on the Web will be pulled into VTV. Things like page views, how much it is being shared, comments on the video's page and comments on Facebook pages about the video are used to bubble up the most viral videos to VTV, Krasinski said.

Mixed in with the Web videos are "branded content" videos from VM's partners, but Krasinski was quick to point out the videos are not commercials that start playing automatically. Viewers simply have the option to click on the videos they want to see.

"We find that [by] giving them that kind of choice, what content they should be watching and what they want to watch, they are actually a lot more engaged," Krasinski said

 As examples of the branded content, Krasinski named movie trailers, behind-the-scenes documentaries and short films.

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