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Verizon Asks Court to Judge 3G Networks

Verizon is asking a U.S. court to decide if Verizon's advertisements claiming that it has "America's Most Reliable 3G Network" and "America's Best 3G Network" and "America's Most Reliable Wireless Network" are "truthful, accurate and substantiated" and do not violate the trademark law known as the Lanham Act, reported Reuters.

The pressure comes from rival AT&T when it challenged Verizon's claim with the National Advertising Division of the Council for Better Business Bureaus. AT&T poses that speed is a relevant factor when measuring network reliability.

AT&T believes that it has a faster 3G network than Verizon, which could make the latter company's claim of having the better network somewhat confusing for consumers.

What do you think? Is network speed a crucial part of reliability? Are Verizon's claims of being the best in the U.S. true?