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Use and Don't Lose Your Cell Phone Data

Microsoft Active Sync (Motorola MPX 220)

Microsoft has been trying to get into the mobile sector for quite some time. After the company's more or less successful Windows CE, many of today's PDAs use Windows Mobile. Some smart phones run Windows Mobile 2003, as does Motorola's MPX 220.

Microsoft Active Sync was designed for Windows Mobile devices. Using Active Sync and Windows Explorer you can view the content of the mobile device in a new branch on the Explorer tree called "Mobile device".

The latest Active Sync version 4.1 is available for download from the Microsoft website. PDAs with Active Sync normally use a serially connected docking station for the sync process. We will first try an IR connection, since it is based on a serial connection. Bluetooth and USB are also available.

The connection between both devices is defined during the first installation. For synchronization, we need a standard type.

If you prefer a direct link with the computer, the first option will suffice. You can also choose to sync with an MS Exchange Server.