USB Power: Apricorn Ez-Bus-Mini 20 GB External Hard Drive

Fits comfortably in your shirt pocket: Apricorn's Ez-Bus-Mini 20 GB

If you mainly work with a notebook, sooner or later, you will be thinking about buying an external hard disk. It may be for storing data or transferring large volumes of data to another PC. However, the desire for regular system backups may be the reason for buying an external memory giant.

Most people choose a model in a 2.5 inch format with a USB connection, because this interface is available on almost every PC, as opposed to FireWire. Besides, due to its smaller form factor, a 2.5" version is considerably more portable than a 3.5" hard disk. However, these external solutions have a snag! Because the maximum power per USB port is set to 500 milliamps, some hard disk can't start because the power needed to start-up is up to 900 mA and/or the USB-port does not provide the maximum current of 500mA. Once these disks start rotating, the power requirement drops considerably.

Up until now, this problem had to be resolved by an additional external power supply or with a split cable from two USB connectors.

Cumbersome: The second USB connector of the split cable is used for additional power as the need arises.

In contrast, the Ez-Bus-Mini from Apricorn is much more convenient. Simply plug the USB plug into the connector and the disk starts running. No additional power supply is necessary because the device gets its power from the interface cable. The technical term for this is "bus powered". This is possible because the Ez-Bus-Mini is based on a 1.8" hard disk. Its maximum power when starting up is only 450 mA. Therefore, it is certain that the hard disk will start under all circumstances.

Smaller and lighter: To the left is an external hard disk in 2.5" format and Apricorn's Ez-Bus-Mini is to the right.

Due to the smaller form factor of the Hitachi C4K40 (HTC422020F7AT00) hard disk that is used, this external memory solution is much lighter as well. This 20 gigabyte sized data storage unit only tips the scales at 120 grams, including the integrated USB cable and the protective cover. In comparison, an external 2.5" hard disk weight 284 grams, including the cable.

This is reason enough to take a closer look at this external memory solution.

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