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Here's the Best Cheap Way to Start Your Smart Home

Smart home devices tend to generate a lot of hype, but digitizing your home doesn't require the purchase of an expensive hub or the latest smart speaker. You can build your smart home with just $24.99, the current price of the TP-Link Smart Plug.

The tiny plug, which traditionally costs $40, can turn any dumb device into a smart, connected device. Just insert the plug into any wall outlet and then plug your appliance into the smart plug. Next, download the Kasa app from TP-Link and, once paired, you'll be able to control the plug - and its connected device - from the app.

TP-Link Smart PlugView Deal

For example, if you connect your coffee machine to the plug you'll be able to start your coffee maker while you're still in bed. Another cool feature is that the plug lets you control a limitless number of appliances via the app, provided you've purchased enough TP-Link Smart Plugs to do so.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS. It's even compatible with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, should you own either of those devices.