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Tesla's Wireless Phone Charger Is Back (But You'll Need to Act Fast)

Tesla is bringing back its smartphone charger after a brief hiatus.

Credit: Tesla

(Image credit: Tesla)

The electric car maker has been sending e-mails to customers informing them that the previously sold out Tesla Wireless Charger will be making a comeback. Better yet, it'll be available for $49 instead of the $65 the charger was initially offered for when it went on sale this summer. 

According to The Verge, which obtained a copy of the Tesla e-mail, the car company is also offering a $16 refund to any "early adopters" who paid $65 for the wireless charger. The company said that the refund will be automatically applied to customer credit cards and local sales tax will also be included in the refund. 

Tesla's wireless charger hit the company's website in late August. The charger comes in your choice of white or black and had a simple design that appealed to smartphone shoppers. And although its $65 price tag was a little steep, it comes with a 6,000mAh battery pack and 5W output.

Better yet, it's a wireless charger, allowing you to boost your iPhone or Android phone's battery without cords. If you wanted to use a cord, however, the wireless charger also has ports for USB-C and USB-A charging.

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Not surprisingly, given that it's a Tesla product that came with nice features and a compelling design, the charger quickly sold out. And Tesla didn't say at the time when, or even if, it would make a comeback. 

Once the charger hits Tesla's site again, though, you'll want to move fast. Considering the charger sold out in no time at $65, it could hit an even quicker sell-out when it goes on sale for a cheaper $49.

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