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Man Steals iPhone Being Used in GPS Tracking

Losing your phone sucks. You lose your contacts, you have to call the store and cancel your SIM card so whoever finds it/stole it can't make any pricey calls, and you have to buy a new phone. However, if you're taking part in a GPS tracking trial that happens to monitor the position of your phone, you probably have a better chance of seeing it again.

A San Francisco woman recently had her iPhone stolen by one Horatio Toure. The San Francisco Chronicle cites police who say the 31-year-old city resident rode up to the woman on a bicycle, snatched her phone out of her hands, and then pedaled away.

Fortunately, Toure didn't look at the phone before hightailing it out of there. What he hadn't noticed during his little cycle-by was that the phone was part of a demonstration for a company showcasing GPS tracking. If he'd looked at the display, he would have seen the system tracking the phone, and as a result, its then-present carrier.

Roughly ten minutes later, Toure was captured about half a mile down the road and arrested on suspicion of grand theft and possession of stolen property.

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