Sony 2018 Android TV Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak

How to move or delete apps on your Sony Android TV

All those apps can get cluttered quickly, so you'll want to organize them to your liking. Sometimes that means shuffling the order of apps, but other times it means removing unused and unwanted apps entirely. Thankfully, you can do both right from the home screen using the remote control.

1. Select and Hold app. To move an app in your apps menu, highlight the app tile and then press and hold the enter button.

2. Enter organization mode. The screen will change to indicate you've entered a different mode.

3. Move your app. The highlighted app can now be moved right and left on the menu using the directional buttons on your remote.

4. Press Done to complete move. Once you've finished moving an app to its new position, press done to apply the changes.

5. Uninstall with the garbage can. Some of these apps can then be removed on the same screen by pressing down on the garbage can icon and selecting uninstall.

Brian Westover

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