Sony 2018 Android TV Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak

How to adjust picture settings on a Sony TV

Sony's TVs tend to be pretty accurate, even when used out of the box with no further adjustments. But if you're picky about the picture, there are several settings to tweak as you fine-tune things to your liking.

1. Open Picture and Display settings. In the settings menu are the Picture and Display settings. This is where you'll find everything from simple picture presets to granular settings for color, brightness and more.

2. Open Picture Adjustments. To find full picture settings, open the Picture Adjustments menu, where you will find both basic settings and advanced settings. The other option — Screen settings — allows you to adjust the display aspect ratio and size.

3. Picture Mode options. In the picture adjustments menu you can change the picture mode, selecting between Vivid, Standard, Custom, Cinema Pro, Cinema Home, Sports and Animation. There are also a handful of modes for displaying still images, called Photo Vivid, Photo Standard and Photo Custom, as well as special display modes for Game Mode and Graphics.

4. Brightness and color settings. In the picture adjustments menu, you can adjust the brightness, which can be set to a maximum of 50. You can also fine-tune the color saturation level, which is on a 100-point scale.

5. Advanced Settings. For more granular control, scroll all the way to the bottom and select Advanced Settings. This will open up a menu of sliders, allowing you to modulate brightness, contrast, gamma, black levels, color and hue, color temperature and more.

Resetting picture settings

If you've fiddled with the color and brightness on your TV, or turned something on or off, and can’t quite get the picture back to your liking, you may want to reset your picture settings entirely.

1. Open Picture and Display settings. From the main settings menu, open the Picture and Display settings, and then Picture Adjustment controls.

2. Open Advanced Settings. Go to the Picture Adjustment settings menu and select Advanced Settings to open the more comprehensive set of picture options.

3. Select Reset. At the bottom of the Advanced Settings menu is the Reset option. To undo any changes in settings to the picture, select this option.

4. Confirm Reset. The system will ask you to confirm that you want to reset the picture settings. Select yes to restore the settings to factory defaults.

Brian Westover

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