Sony 2018 Android TV Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak

How to optimize audio for your Sony TV home-theater setup

While many aspects of the sound quality are influenced by the TV's own speakers and settings, there's one major element that most TVs don’t account for: the surrounding environment. Because TV audio often relies upon reverberation off  the wall behind or the table beneath the television cabinet, it makes sense that Sony would include different audio presets for tabletop use and wall-mounted positions.

1. Open the Sound Settings. From the main settings menu, open the sound settings.

2. Find the TV Position. At the bottom of the sound settings menu, you will find a setting called "TV Position." Open it to see the position options.

3. Select Tabletop Stand or Wall Mount. There are two options available under TV Position, one for tabletop use, which will apply to any situation where the TV is  on its included feet. There is also Wall Mount, for any instance where the TV is hung on the wall with a VESA mount.

Depending upon which setting you choose, the TV will shift its audio profile slightly to either prioritize downward firing audio that will reflect off of a table or entertainment unit, or a rear-focused orientation that reflects off of a closely spaced wall.

Brian Westover

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