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Sony Slashes Its 6-Inch Xperia to $250

Obsessed with taking selfies? With its 16-MP front camera, the Sony Xperia XA Ultra might be the ultimate smartphone for Millennials across the globe. Although it normally retails for $329.99, Amazon currently offers this Sony phablet for just $249.99. That's an $80 price cut and the best price we've seen for this phablet to date.

To frame your selfies the Xperia XA Ultra boasts a 6-inch borderless 1080p LCD. Above the display, you'll find the phone's 16-MP sensor, which is an abnormally high megapixel count even by today's standards. The front camera also has an optical image stabilizer, automatic timer, and gesture shutter. The latter lets you trigger a picture by simply raising your hand in the photo, which sets off a countdown clock before your closeup. 

The Xperia XA Ultra's rear camera is equally impressive with its 21.5-MP sensor and hybrid autofocus. Hybrid autofocus is a nifty trick that tells the camera sensor where your subject will go in your frame, thereby keeping that area in focus.

Hardware-wise, the phone packs a 2GHz Mediatek octa-core CPU, 3GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage. If its 6-inch LCD seems to big for your hands, the phone can also be switched to mini screen mode, which shrinks everything on your screen to 5 inches, making it easier to operate the phone single-handedly.

At $249.99, the Xperia XA Ultra is a solid pick for smartphone photographers who want a phablet with a few tricks up its sleeve.