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3GSM: Samsung SGH-G810 - the Symbian GPS smartphone

Samsung G810

If the Korean focused on the U900 Soul during this show, it didn’t stop it from introducing a very thorough smartphone.

Symbian and GPS

Samsung chose to equip the G810 with Symbian S60 and an extensive connectivity: HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Above all, the G810 gives way to one of the major trend of the show: GPS and geo-tagging.

3x optical zoom

Samsung offers a 5 Megapixel sensor, paired with an autofocus and an internal 3x optical zoom that won’t come out of the phone. Finally, the G810 acknowledges the omnipresent Google by supporting YouTube, Google Search, Google Map and GMail that one will be able to use on a 2.8” screen (240 x 320).

No price or launch date at this time.