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Galaxy S10 Could Pack Five Cameras: Here's Why

Samsung needs to up the ante with its next flagship Galaxy S smartphone, and the company is rumored to be planning a radical camera overhaul to make the Galaxy S10+ the phone to beat when it arrives next year.

The Galaxy S9 is a perfectly fine phone — particularly its camera — but it wasn’t a major change from 2017's S8, apart from adding a second lens to the S9+ model. Next year's Galaxy S10+ will reportedly add more lenses to set itself apart, according to Korean news site The Bell, with that phone featuring five cameras in total.

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The report claims the larger S10 model will sport a new 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens on the back with a 120-degree field of view, to go alongside the dual rear cameras Samsung's phone already features. In addition, the S10+ would add a second front-facing shooter for Portrait Mode selfies.

Samsung wouldn't break new ground with a triple-lens array on the camera's back. Huawei’s P20 Pro sports a similar system, though that phone is not available to buy in the U.S. And Apple is reportedly mulling over a triple-lens setup for a future iPhone. As for two front cameras, that's a feature found on a few phones these days. Samsung's edge would be sticking all those lenses on one phone.

But another phone maker could beat Samsung to the punch. LG is also rumored to be putting a trio of rear lens in its upcoming V40, though it’s unclear what features the new third lens would enable.

Samsung typically releases its Galaxy S lineup in February to coincide with the annual Mobile World Congress conference, but the company may move that date up to give the long-rumored foldable Galaxy X space to shine.

In the meantime, the Galaxy Note 9’s release is around the corner, with a media event planned for August 9.

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    Nobody cares about the camera, what about the tech specs?!
  • kj40603
    Human Mind start to increase and ages start to decrease. No one realize this yet...
  • monicasharma0903
    No matter what you add or delete - its the battery... Samsung is still useless in that arena! I own Samsung S6 Edge plus since 2 years and have been most disappointed with its performance