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Galaxy S10 Will Get Special 5G Model (Report)

Samsung could very well be working on a 5G version of its highly anticipated Galaxy S10.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

This week, the folks over at XDA Developers discovered some source code in the Galaxy S9+ Android Pie update that pointed to new handsets that have yet to be announced. Those devices are codenamed the "beyond0," "beyond1," "beyond2," and "beyond2 5G" in the source code. And while that might not mean much at first glance, when coupled with previous leaks, it might tell a story.

We've been hearing rumors for months that Samsung is hard at work on a new Galaxy S10 for early next year. And those reports have said that the company is using the codename "Beyond" for those handsets. We've also heard reports that Samsung is working on several versions of the Galaxy S10, including one that would come with 5G connectivity.

If the leaked code is any indication, it would suggest that Samsung is indeed planning one model with 5G connectivity. The other devices referenced in the code all note LTE connectivity.

The big question, however, is what we might expect from all four of those units. And according to XDA Developers, the code didn't point to any specific features that we should anticipate.

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However, when paired with rumors, it's possible that the Beyond0 and Beyond1 both refer to a Galaxy S10 with a 5.8-inch screen and come with either a single- or dual-rear facing camera system, respectively. XDA Developers predicts the Beyond2 and Beyond2 5G refer to Galaxy S10+ models that could ship with 6.4-inch screens. The latter, of course, would be the only version with 5G.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, remember that this is all speculation at this point. And while Samsung might indeed have a 5G model in the works, it's also possible the smartphone never makes its way to store shelves. After all, 5G is coming and coming fast, but it's not nearly ubiquitous.

Either way, we'll find out early next year: Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S10 at either CES in January or Mobile World Congress in February.

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