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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 User Guide

Add Camera Modes

Though it has a powerful 16-MP rear shooter with optical image stabilization and much better image quality than its predecessors, at first glance, the Galaxy Note 4 is missing some important camera modes found on other Samsung phones. For example, if you open the camera app, you won't see Shot and More, which erases photo bombers, creates drama shots and lets you pick the best face for each person in group pictures.

In all, you're missing about 10 modes, including Animated Photo mode, which makes fun animated GIFs, and Dual camera mode, which puts a picture of your face on top of the main image. However, with a change in settings and a little downloading you can access every Samsung photo feature available.

Here's how to add camera modes to the Galaxy Note 4.

1. Open the Camera.

2. Tap Mode.

3. Hit the Manage Modes button.

4. Check the modes you wish to add to your menu and tap Done. You can also uncheck modes you don't want to see. However, we recommend you check them all.

5. Hit the Download button to import additional modes that aren't already on the phone.

6. Tap Accept if prompted with a disclaimer.

7. Select a mode you wish to add (ex: Food Shot).

8. Hit the Free button to install.It may be labled as "Install" instead of "Free."

9. Sign in to your Samsung account. If you don't have one, create one.

10. Tap Accept and download

11. Repeat the download process for any other modes you wish to add.

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