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The 6 Best Things About BlackBerry PlayBook Aren't Good Enough

PlayBook Doesn't Play

For Research in Motion, the newly released Blackberry Playbook is one of the most important devices ever released. After sloughing off market share for the better part of two years, the company is desperate to redefine itself in the current market and prove to its all-important business customers that the Blackberry brand is still relevant.

So far, nothing the company has done seems to work, and so the Playbook is seen as perhaps the last big chance to prove the long-running software and hardware firm can play with the new kids on the block. Research in Motion has a lot riding on this device, and it is obvious the development team spent a lot of time and effort into making the best product possible.

It does achieve some of its goals. Namely, the Playbook differentiates itself with the presence of strong business-oriented apps pre-installed, an easily navigable multitasking interface, and a really nice-looking and portable display.

Unfortunately, though, the flaws and glaring omissions overshadow anything that’s good about the device, and prove that RIM may just not have what it takes to compete against Apple and Google.