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sWaP Rebel Lets you Take Calls on Your Wrist

Ever since the new iPod Nano came out, people have been trying to convert it into a touchscreen wristwatch. Other manufacturers have tried to get in on the action, like Kenneth Cole and its Digi-Touch watches. Yet despite all the multitouch goodness, these fancy watches are at best, MP3 players.

The sWaP Rebel tries to blow all that competition out of the water through one simple strength: it's a phone. Yes, it's not just a fancy touchscreen doodad for your wrist, it can actually make and receive calls, play MP3's, and even send text messages. 

Additional functions include Bluetooth and USB connectivity, and a loudspeaker if you really want to out-nerd everyone and talk to your watch. It's even got a camera for taking pictures and video, although no megapixels are quoted, so it's safe to assume you won't be getting hi-res pics off of this watch.

Yet for all those features, there are a few niggling issues: First, you'll do all your navigating, including text messaging, on the tiny 1.43" screen, which is probably resistive given that it's bundled with a stylus. Then, there's no Internet connectivity mentioned, whether 3G or WiFi. Last of course is the price: at $299, it's twice the price of an iPad Nano.

Still, if you've always wanted to act like a Secret Service agent and take your calls from your wrist, then by all means head on over to the sWaP website.

[source: sWaP via Crunch Gear]