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Plug and Save: 15 Hard Drive Enclosures and Adapters Reviewed

Vantec Nexstar NST-350UF: Flyweight At 240 G

The most noticeable thing about the Vantec Nexstar NST-350UF is bound to be its weight. Our scales showed it at a mere 240 g. With a hard drive built in, this will go up to an average 640 g. The enclosure of thin aluminum is best suited to a slow 5,400 rpm 3.5" IDE hard drive. We recommend this speed because drives spinning at 7,200 rpm produce considerably more heat. This is difficult to extract as the NST-350UF has no louvers. A premature meltdown would not be long in coming. The two interfaces are standard USB 2.0 and FireWire 1394a. Using USB, our test Seagate hard drive reached a very useful 23 MB/s. The FireWire gave us an average 27.6 MB/s, placing it in the upper midfield.

Looks like plastic, but it's aluminum

The packaging as it appears in the stores