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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Update Finally Fixes Fences

LOS ANGELES – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is about as close as you’ll get to playing through a Battle Royale or Hunger Games scenario, but the game is still far from finished. For example, jumping in-game is a perilous process, when failing to scale a fence can often end in your untimely demise. A new update is finally bringing dynamic vaulting to the game – which sounds like a small change, but it can probably save your life.

Christian Petersen/Getty

Christian Petersen/Getty

Brendan “Playerunknown” Greene, the mastermind behind Battlegrounds, discussed some of the game’s latest updates at the PC Gaming Show at E3. He spent a lot of time discussing the vaulting system, as it’s not just a gameplay upgrade, but a fairly involved aesthetic one as well.

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Vaulting in Battlegrounds won’t simply be a way to climb and jump; the height of the obstacle matters, as does the distance you’re trying to cover. Hopping over a fence will involve a completely different animation than rolling over the hood of a car, and neither one will be the same as climbing through a window. Players will still probably make an easy target while climbing, but at least now they’ll have some idea of how reliable the process will be.

Animations for vaulting aren’t the only dynamic system that Greene showed off; another new advancement will be in the weather system. Rather than static weather on any given map, players can now expect sunny, rainy, foggy and even snowy weather, depending on the location. It won’t have a huge gameplay impact (save the long-distance weapons won’t work as well in the fog), but Greene wants it to make the battlefield more immersive.

Battlegrounds will also get two new maps soon: one set in Peru, replete with sandstorms and ancient ruins, and one in the Adriatic, in a cold, snowy environment.

Finally, while perhaps not as exciting, Greene said that the next big update to the game will involve a great deal of server fixes. Greene was sure, naturally, that this would be the end of Battleground’s players blaming their losses on technical issues rather than in-game circumstances!