E-Paper Wristwatch Collects More than $4.5M on Kickstarter

Called Pebble, the wristwatch can run apps and wirelessly connects to an iPhone (iOS 5) or Android (2.3 and up) phone via Bluetooth. For example, apps allow a user to control music playback on a phone, use the phone as a workout tool and to receive text messages or caller information from a phone. Additional apps can be browsed via a phone screen and then directly installed on the watch. The battery of the watch lasts about seven days on a full charge, the developers said.

Pebble has turned into the most successful Kickstarter project so far, collecting more than $1 million in the first hours - on a $100,000 funding goal. To receive a Pebble watch, backers will have to donate at least $115. The company said that the watch will retail for more than $150 when it becomes commercially available in September of this year.

Before Pebble, three other projects have drawn a Kickstarter jackpot totaling more than $1 million this year. The first project to exceed a million dollars of funding was the iPhone Elevation Dock, which received $1.46 million from more than 12,500 backers in February of this year.

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  • mr_tuel
    Maybe I'm weird, but I like the battery on my watch to last months, if not years.
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  • g00fysmiley
    it is a gret idead, not sure it $150 would be woth it thoughfor the msrp, compared to a kindle for example at the non subsidized for $99 and that is a much bigger screen with wifi. still would be interesting, might splurge and buy at $150, but if they managed to sell em at $110 or less it'd fly off the shelves imo, the $115 to get one though as part of the initial grouping is certainly a good option if i had a droid or ios phone I'd bite at $115, unfortunatly it says they aren't supporting WebOS/palm
  • ProDigit10
    epaper is nice, but how is the battery life when you're going to use wireless feats to it?
  • frozonic
    Great idea, i think of it more like an improved version of the Nike+ Wristband that i have that lets you keep track of your workout when using the iOS Nike+ app with compatible sport shoes, this is great, i might donate a few hundred dollars to their cause.