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OnePlus 6T May Not Have Three Cameras After All

A new render of the rumored OnePlus 6T has arrived on the scene, and to be honest it looks surprisingly underwhelming, given some of the earlier rumors about the affordably-priced flagship phone.

Credit: WinFuture

(Image credit: WinFuture)

The image above comes to us from WinFuture by way of Android Authority, and shows the top of a handset that's purported to be OnePlus' next flagship. You'll very clearly see two cameras on the rear, a flash underneath and no fingerprint sensor in sight.

That last detail isn't surprising, because we know that OnePlus is turning to an in-display fingerprint sensor for the upcoming 6T. But the camera situation doesn't quite line up with what we hoped for from the device.

Earlier rumors pointed to a triple-lens system on the back of the OnePlus 6T, with the new third lens being some type of depth-sensing shooter utilizing LIDAR-like technology. But there's obviously no third lens here, which means we may not see a significant boost in photo performance over the existing OnePlus 6, unless OnePlus is planning some sort of improvement to the image sensor.

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Otherwise, this render doesn't reveal much new about the upcoming phone. The OnePlus 6 moved to a glass construction with a polished sheen, almost resembling ceramic in certain models, like the Mirror Black version of the device. The 6T looks to continue this trend, though because this is OnePlus we expect to see other colors and finishes, too — and there's a good chance one of them will be red.

The OnePlus 6T is expected to debut sometime in October, possibly Oct. 17, based on a hint in an official screenshot depicting the device's fingerprint-on-display feature. Information from tech importer Giztop revealed last week may have shed some light on pricing, as the listing mentioned a price of $569, presumably for the base configuration with 6GB of RAM.

That would translate to an increase of $40 over the previous model, which falls in line with the way OnePlus has consistently upped the cost of its handsets over the years. The OnePlus 5T cost $499 when it debuted almost exactly a year ago, after the OnePlus 5 cost $479 when it was launched in spring 2017.