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OnePlus 6T Final Design Just Leaked

OnePlus' next flagship phone could come with a serious design update that should make fans of the unlocked Android juggernaut happy.

Credit: @Rquandt

(Image credit: @Rquandt)

A user going by the handle @rquandt recently published photos of what could be the upcoming OnePlus 6T. The images, which were earlier reported on by WinFuture and The Verge, shows an important redesign for the OnePlus 6T that's highlighted by the teardrop notch.

As you know, the notch has become a go-design element in today's top smartphones. But in many cases, the notch is wide and runs across a large portion of the top of the screen. The phone in the OnePlus 6T leak, however, only has a notch that accommodates the front-facing camera. The rest of the top of the device is screen. It's about as close as we've gotten in major U.S. releases to an all-screen phone without a notch.
Aside from that, the phone in the image has thin bezels along the sides and on the chin area, the bezel appears to be slightly thicker.

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The rear of the device is somewhat standard for a smartphone of today with a vertically aligned dual-facing camera system and a flash underneath. Interestingly, there doesn't appear to be on a physical fingerprint sensor on the front or back. That seemingly falls in line with OnePlus saying that it's found a way to get an in-display fingerprint sensor into the smartphone — a first for OnePlus and a shot over the bow of both Apple and Samsung.

OnePlus has been keeping its 6T plans close to the vest, so not much is known. It's believed, however, that the smartphone will ship with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and run on 6GB of RAM. OnePlus has also said that it won't include a headphone jack in the device. The phone could arrive as soon as Oct. 17, so stay tuned for an official announcement in the coming weeks.