Get the Oculus Rift and 7 Games for $229 Off

The Oculus Rift was the first PC-powered virtual reality headset to hit the market. As a result, it boasts a large category of games and apps.

For a limited time, you can get the Oculus Rift Touch Bundle along with a $100 Oculus Rift Store Credit and 7 VR games and apps for $599.98.

Although that's the Rift's retail price, the hardware comes with a software bundle and credit that's worth $229.96.

The $100 Oculus Rift Store credit can be used to purchase any games or apps you desire. The bundled software includes a mix of free and paid games such as Robo Recall ($29.99), Lucky's Tale ($0), Dragon Front ($0), Quill ($29.99), Medium ($29.99), Dead & Buried ($39.99), and Toybox ($0). Combined, that's a savings of $129.96 on games alone.

Oculus doesn't offer this bundle direct from its store, which makes this Amazon exclusive an excellent deal if you've been holding off on a VR headset purchase.

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  • Sakkura
    Those 7 games have been bundled with it all along. The only difference right now is the $100 store credit.

    There have been much better bundles than this since the holidays, like the $999 bundle on Best Buy right now - which contains the Oculus Rift headset, a full VR-ready PC, and the same $100 store credit. Heck even if you don't need the PC at all, just the headset, it's pretty much worth getting that bundle and just selling off the PC (even though you have to buy the Touch controllers separately, and a third sensor if necessary).