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Get the Oculus Rift and 7 Games for $229 Off

The Oculus Rift was the first PC-powered virtual reality headset to hit the market. As a result, it boasts a large category of games and apps.

For a limited time, you can get the Oculus Rift Touch Bundle along with a $100 Oculus Rift Store Credit and 7 VR games and apps for $599.98.

Although that's the Rift's retail price, the hardware comes with a software bundle and credit that's worth $229.96.

Oculus Rift Bundle + $100 Credit + 7 GamesView Deal

The $100 Oculus Rift Store credit can be used to purchase any games or apps you desire. The bundled software includes a mix of free and paid games such as Robo Recall ($29.99), Lucky's Tale ($0), Dragon Front ($0), Quill ($29.99), Medium ($29.99), Dead & Buried ($39.99), and Toybox ($0). Combined, that's a savings of $129.96 on games alone.

Oculus doesn't offer this bundle direct from its store, which makes this Amazon exclusive an excellent deal if you've been holding off on a VR headset purchase.