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Moto G7 Full Lineup Leaked Along with Key Specs

Motorola’s reasonably priced G series of smartphones is expecting its newest member, the G7, in February, and we already have the specs, if recent leaks prove true.

The Moto G6. Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: The Moto G6. Credit: Tom's Guide)

Several Android-dedicated sites spotted an invitation to the Brazilian media from Motorola for an event on February 7. What they also allegedly noticed was that the Motorola Brazil website had already published different versions of the G7. These pages don’t exist anymore, but quick thinking individuals ripped the specs from the pages for us all to see (via GizmoChina).

There are apparently going to be four different versions of the G7: the standard version, the G7 Plus, the G7 Power and the G7 Play. All of them are running on Android 9 Pie, but that’s the only thing in common between the quartet.

The normal G7 and the Plus are the higher specced versions. They both use a 6.24-inch Full HD screen, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, and a 3,000 mAh battery. Then the differences start to emerge. The Plus has a slightly better Snapdragon processor (the 636 instead of the 632), a 16-MP and 5-MP rear camera duo rather than 12-MP and 5-MP cameras on the normal version, and a 12-MP selfie camera, upgraded from an 8-MP one.

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The Power and Play are lower-end models. The Power does have a whopping 5,000 mAh battery to use, in exchange for a slightly smaller screen and worse RAM/storage compared to the normal G7. The Play is a curious case too, having a significantly smaller 5.7-inch screen, only 2GB RAM, and a 13-MP rear camera. I'm tempted to call this a typo on the leakers' part, since it would be unusual for a clearly far cheaper handset to have a slightly better camera than its more fully featured siblings, but maybe Motorola knows something I don't about the demands of the Brazilian market for good cameras on cheap phones.

The accuracy of this information is hard to check now that the original sources have been swiftly taken down. But if you’re looking for a positive takeaway from this news, it’s that Motorola is continuing to invest in a line of smartphones that are quite happy not being super expensive flagships.