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This Smartphone Newcomer Could Rival Galaxy S8

A newcomer to the smartphone market named Maze has revealed more details about its upcoming handset, the Maze Alpha.

Image: Evan Blass/Twitter

Image: Evan Blass/Twitter

Maze Mobile on Thursday (Apr. 13) released some new teaser images for its slick new smartphone. The handset appears to come with an exceedingly small bezel at the left and right, and an equally thin bezel at the top and bottom, leaving it to appear like its face is nearly entirely covered by the screen.

Speaking of the screen, it'll come in at 6 inches, making it slightly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S8+'s 6.2-inch display. According to serial leaker Evan Blass, who obtained information on the device's specs, the display will deliver a full-HD resolution and be protected by Corning's Gorilla Glass 4. It'll run on an octa-core processor, though clock speeds and the company behind it is unknown, and it will offer up to 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM.

On the rear, you'll find a dual-lens camera and flash and unlike so many other handsets that come with the brand's logo on the back, nothing else on the rear panel. Interestingly, the handset will come with a 4,000-mAh battery, a pack that's notably larger than the 3,500-mAh you'd find in the Galaxy S8+.

On the software side, look for the Maze Alpha to run on Android Nougat.

Photo: Maze

Photo: Maze

Maze Alpha is, of course, joining a crowded market with entrenched competitors like Apple and Samsung. However, it appears to be tapping into a big trend with the smartphone's nearly bezel-less design. It's something that LG is offering with the LG G6 and what Samsung will deliver when the Galaxy S8 line is released next week.

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Apple is also considering a bezel-less design in its own upcoming iPhone 8. But unlike the Maze Alpha, the iPhone 8 could come with a quasi-curved screen. Samsung's Galaxy S8 comes with a full-fledged curved display.

Still, questions abound with the Maze Alpha. The company has only unveiled some details about the smartphone, but hasn't said when it might reach store shelves and how much it'll cost. It's also unclear whether Maze will slap a software skin atop Android or go with Google's stock build.

Look for more on the Maze Alpha in the coming weeks.