LG's New ThinQ Speaker Has Google Assistant Inside

Just days before the year's biggest technology event kicks off, LG has announced a new line of speakers for the home.

Credit: LG

(Image credit: LG)

LG on Wednesday (Dec. 27) unveiled some new speakers that it says, will deliver "something for everyone." And although they'll be on full display at CES starting next month, the company has offered up some details on everything from its new soundbars to a Google Assistant-powered speaker.

Here's a look at what LG has announced:

LG ThinQ Speaker

Credit: LG

(Image credit: LG)

If you're in the market for a smart speaker, the LG ThinQ is going to be on display at CES. LG says that it's partnered with Google on the device, which will support Google Assistant. It will also double as a voice-activated device for LG's line of smart home appliances.

Super Powered Soundbar

LG also announced a new soundbar called the SK10Y. According to the company, it comes with 550 watts of output and can support 5.1.2 channels for Dolby Atmos compatibility. The soundbar has multiple speakers all firing around the room to create a virtual surround sound effect that even bounces audio off the ceiling.

LG also said that it's partnered with sound company Meridian Audio on the SK10Y. Meridian tweaked the speakers with its Bass and Space technology to deliver better sound. The soundbar also features improved performance on speech and music.

Aside from its audio features, LG says that the SK10Y has been designed to be thin and sleek so it can fit under any 2018 LG OLED or Super UHD TV model. The soundbar is also compatible with Chromecast-enabled devices and with an "OK Google" command, will play songs, podcasts, or audio clips from streaming services.

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Portable Speakers with Mood Lighting

A new line of portable speakers called LG's PK series is on the way. The devices have also been configured by Meridian to deliver high-quality sound and have mood-lighting features to add a bit more flair to your audio experience. The speakers don't come with Google Assistant support, but are compatible with the APT-X HD Bluetooth standard. With that feature, you'll be able to stream 24-bit music wirelessly, which should enable deliver higher-quality audio.

All-in-One Speakers

Finally, if you want speakers that can output exceedingly powerful sound designed for the "dance floor," LG is unveiling a variety of "all-in-one" speakers. Those devices will come with 1,800-watt output and have DJ features. They'll also come with karaoke modes and lights to create a full-on dance floor experience. From the speakers, you can download and stream your tracks.

More to Come at CES

Although LG is announcing its speakers now, the company plans to announce all the details on its new speaker lineup at CES 2018. So, we'll have to wait until the show to find out how much these speakers will cost and when they'll hit store shelves. Be sure to check back here in a couple of weeks to get all the latest details.

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