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Leaked: See the LG G7 ThinQ Before It Launches

We're just hours away from LG unveiling its new flagship handset, the LG G7 ThinQ. But already, we have a good idea of what it'll look like — on the back, at least.

Credit: Mobilesyrup

(Image credit: Mobilesyrup)

The folks over at Mobilesyrup have published to Slashleaks a variety of new images that, they say, showcase the LG G7 ThinQ in all its glory. While we don't get a good view of the front of the smartphone, we do get a sense of what it'll feel like to hold the handset as LG prepares to unveil it later today (May 2).

One of the images shows a gray version of the smartphone, complete with a vertically aligned dual-lens camera array. There's a flash to the left of the rear camera and a physical fingerprint sensor that sits neatly beneath it. A "G7 ThinQ" logo is at the center of the device, and the familiar LG logo is at the bottom.

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As expected, the smartphone doesn't appear to be flat and instead has an angled rear case. In the past, LG has suggested such a design makes it easier to hold.

Another image published to Slashleaks shows a black finish with all the same features. It also points to a fourth button on the side that's expected to be used to activate a virtual personal assistant on the device. Three other buttons will manage power, volume up, and volume down. It's believed that the button on the side will activate Google Assistant, the search giant's virtual personal assistant.

The third and final picture on Slashleaks points to a USB-C port on the bottom. The device also features a single speaker grille and a headphone jack.

LG has been working on the G7 ThinQ for months and has already revealed its name. The company also said that the device would integrate artificial-intelligence features, including a Vision AI option that will optimize its camera settings based on the subject it is shooting.

LG is slated to unveil the G7 ThinQ and all of its features later today at a press event in New York City. We should have pricing and availability information at that time.