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Last Minute iPhone XS Leak Is Pretty Underwhelming

An alleged photo of the iPhone XS leaked by a Weibo user shows the face of Apple’s next 5.8-inch phone — and it’s just what we expected.

Credit: Weibo/The Enquirer

(Image credit: Weibo/The Enquirer)

According to British news site The Enquirer, this photo shows the iPhone XS. Which, as expected, looks just like the iPhone X.

The photos were posted by an anonymous user on the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo. We can only see the front of the phone with its thick bezels and notch, so none of that bling bling shown in the first image leak is present. In fact, what we see here could just be the iPhone X with its alleged new background.

If you are underwhelmed, that’s OK. Apple's every-other-year "S" revisions have always been about gut upgrades, maintaining the preceding model’s aesthetics.

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But you should be excited about the speed boost and, most especially, about the rumored improved battery life thanks to the combination of a faster A12 processor manufactured in a 7 nanometer process — which consumes 40% less energy — and slightly bigger battery package. The phone is also rumored that it will have faster LTE connectivity.

We will confirm all this at the event today, which we will cover live from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California starting at 1pm ET. Stay tuned for all of the official announcements as they happen.



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    Click bait Tom's Guide article disparaging what was already well know as an "S year" is "underwhelming."