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Watch iPhone XS Survive a Beating in New Drop Test

Apple claims that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone.” So, YouTuber TechSmartt decided to test that claim comparing them to the iPhone X and record this illuminating (if somewhat annoying) video.

TechSmartt went to Sydney Australia to buy and drop these two phones (and an iPhone X for comparison) before anyone else. The first drop was from pocket height, the second from head height (6 feet), and the other dropping the three phones from above the head, with the arm fully extended while standing on a picnic table.

The results were surprising. The iPhone XS survived the three test unscathed except for a tiny mark on the glass on the third try. The XS Max remained spotless in the first two tests, but the third one shattered the top left corner of the display, leaving it flashing and unusable.

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The iPhone X, however, failed all tests, with the third one resulting in a completely broken back and front.

Credit: TechSmartt

(Image credit: TechSmartt)

Now, remember that there’s a big random factor in all this — I have seen people breaking iPhone screens in a million pieces just for putting them face down on the top of a glass table. Meanwhile, I have dropped the same phone two dozen times without any case and nothing ever happened (you only need a case on your iPhone if you want to be grandma who owns a sofa with a plastic cover).

Still, I think it is safe to say that first, the new iPhone glass may indeed be as durable as Apple says. Second, remember that glass shatters, no matter how durable anyone claims it is. And third: when the hell is any manufacturer going to come up with some sort of transparent polymer that doesn’t break at all, auto-heals scratches, and is as transparent as glass? Because that last thing is exactly what everyone needs.