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The iPhone X2's Price Could Be in Trouble

Perhaps one of the most expensive parts of the existing iPhone X is that beautiful OLED display.

It's only made by one manufacturer - Apple's rival, Samsung. And while Apple hoped to turn to LG to bring costs down, manufacturing issues may keep prices high, the Wall Street Journal reports

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

LG's manufacturing line problems have it behind schedule for mass production of a new iPhone, which sources tell the WSJ usually starts around July.

And the OLED screen is expensive. It runs about $97 out of a total $376 estimated cost per smartphone, the report says, citing analysis by Tokyo-based consultants at Fomalhaut Techno Solutions. Having a second supplier in LG would give Apple leverage in those costs, and possibly allow it to bring the price down slightly for consumers.

But now Apple is apparently divided on whether LG is up to the task, or . LG also provided the OLED display for Google's Pixel 2 XL, and that was plagued by color issues.

But otherwise, Apple is forced to buy exclusively from Samsung, its biggest enemy in the smartphone market, and that means that the single supplier controls the price. It's unclear if Apple has any other last-minute alternative suppliers planned.

Apple is rumored to release three new iPhones in the fall, two of which may have OLED displays.

Andrew E. Freedman

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