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iCloud Upgrade All But Confirms 256GB iPhone 7

Here's one iPhone 7 feature that's already official. You'll be able to have 2 terabytes of iCloud storage on tap, as Apple has just announced this new tier for $19.99 per month.

The timing isn't a coincidence, as the iPhone 7 will be unveiled Sept. 7. Reports point to Apple offering up to 256GB of internal storage, which is a ton of room for games, movies, Live Photos and 4K videos you record.

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As 9to5Mac notes, Apple's top tier of iCloud storage is typically 8 times greater than the largest capacity iPhone. That was certainly the case than the previous highest tiers of 128GB of internal memory and 1TB in the cloud. So there's reason to believe that a 256GB iPhone is on the way.

Of course, you won't need an iPhone 7 to get up to 2TB of iCloud storage, and if that's overkill you'll still be able to get 1TB for $9.99 monthly or 200GB for $2.99. Those who need even less can opt for 50GB for $0.99 or stick with 5GB for free.

In addition to offering up to 256GB of internal storage, the iPhone 7 is expected to offer a faster A10 processor, improved cameras (with 2 lenses on the iPhone 7 Plus) and a water-resistant design that kicks the headphone jack to the curb.

Would you rather have more internal storage on your iPhone or more room in the cloud? Sound off in the comments.