Man Finds Pictures of Factory Worker on New iPhone 3G

A member on the MacRumors forums posted pictures said he had found once he’d got home and activated his iPhone through iTunes. The home screen on his iPhone displayed a Chinese factory worker over what looked like an iPhone production line.

"Not sure if this is or is not the ’norm’ but I just received my brand new iPhone here in the UK and once it had been activated on iTunes I found that the home screen (the screen you can personalize with a photo) already had a photo set against it!!!!"

The woman in the pictures (three in total) is dressed in a pink and white striped smock with a matching peaked cap and sporting white gloves with yellow fingertips. She’s seen leaning over an unboxed iPhone flashing two victory signs.

Several news reports suggested the woman may work at a factory run by Apple contractor, Foxconn Technology in Shenzhen, China and a number of Chinese newspapers have reported confirmation of this fact from Foxconn.

According to the Associated Press, a Foxconn spokesperson said workers took the pictures to test the camera on the phone and just forgot to delete them and reports on Wired say an unnamed Foxconn rep was quoted by a Chinese newspaper as saying the young girl was “definitely not fired” from her position in the factory.

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  • Lempira72
    lucky this guy, got some photos of a cute chinese girl :),I hope she din't got fired
  • titaniumcloud
    That's cool. Instead of a little tag saying 'inspected by #54', you get the picture of the person. I see it as next generation quality control.
  • where are the nude pics?
  • rallycars
    THe new dating app, preinstalled, personalized, and one of a kind. Good luck finding her, that is if your panties aren't in a bunch.
  • spuddyt
    VyldorSigh, sad part is she most likely was fired, regardless of what they say.yeah, but what about the one who took the photos?
  • SpudTECH
    Gee you all are so Freakin Behind the news here on toms!!!
    Hard ocp, gizmodo and engadget already have the FULL Story on her as of 2 DAYS AGO!!!! No she wasn't fired, it was an inhouse test of the iphone's cammera. go to Gizmodo for the full story.
  • JuiceJones
    This really is nothing special or noteworthy. I work at the BlackBerry plant in Texas, and people get bored sometimes and take pictures, sometimes they accidentally forget to delete them. If the QA catches it, it's nothing more than a slap on the wrist, otherwise some lucky consumer gets pics of the factory worker that packaged his phone.
  • ofer987
    Nice funny story. I also hope she did not get fired. It she was kind of cute :)
  • Darkk
    So the factory worker forgot to delete the pictures from the phone. Big deal. They're doing their job to make sure everything works as part of QC. So she should not be fired for it, she did her job. Just forgot one lousy step of deleting the pictures. We're human, we all make mistakes once in awhile.

    In way it's actually pretty cool to see who worked on your phone instead of some number.

  • Who freaking cares??!?!