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Leaked HTC X10 Promises Beefy Battery Life

HTC appears to be working on a new handset that could come with serious battery life, if a newly leaked image is to be believed.

Image: Evan Blass/Twitter

Image: Evan Blass/Twitter

Serial leaker Evan Blass has taken to his Twitter account to showcase what appears to be an official marketing photo of a device called the HTC One X10. While not much can be gathered from the image, it comes with a caption that reads, "Big style meets bigger battery."

HTC earlier this year unveiled a new flagship handset called the U Ultra. And although the company has said that the handset will be its flagbearer, several rumors have suggested HTC could announce another new, higher-end smartphone to compete with recently released alternatives, the LG G6 and Samsung's Galaxy S8.

It's not clear whether the One X10 will be a higher-end device or one that falls into the midrange of the market. What we can tell from the photo is that the handset will feature a fingerprint sensor on the back that sits beneath the rear-facing camera. It also appears to come with a design reminiscent of several previous HTC phones.

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In a subsequent tweet, Blass shared another image of what appears to be the same HTC device. It comes with a standard HTC design, including a flat screen and area at the top and bottom of the screen for an earpiece and buttons, respectively. Needless to say, its design isn't on par with other newer handsets, like the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

But the mention of a "bigger battery" is notable. Battery life, after all, is one of the measures by which handsets are judged, and Samsung's Galaxy S8+ comes with a promise of a whopping 40 hours of battery life on a single charge. It achieves that in part with help from a big battery, but also by utilizing efficiencies in its Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

It's unknown what the HTC One X10 is running and how it might achieve better battery life. But it appears HTC has something up its sleeve.

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