How to Watch Star Trek Discovery Season 2

Update Jan 17: Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery premieres tonight at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT with new episodes coming out weekly in the same time slot.

While Star Trek: Discovery's first season has come and gone since then, the pertinent information to watch Season 2 is the same. To watch the show in the United States, you'll need a subscription to CBS All Access. In Canada, you can tune in on the Space channel, while the rest of the world can use Netflix.

Since it premiered more than 50 years ago, Star Trek has enthralled imaginative TV fans all around the world with its unique mix of action, adventure, drama and science-fiction.

Credit: CBS

(Image credit: CBS)

Enter Star Trek: Discovery: the latest entry in the franchise, made for the era of prestige streaming television. Star Trek: Discovery takes place ten years before the original series, and explores how the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire come to oppose each other in an intergalactic cold war.

Sonequa Martin-Green will play the show’s protagonist: Michael Burnham, an officer aboard the U.S.S. Discovery. Other important characters include Jason Isaacs as the Discovery’s captain, Michelle Yeoh as the captain of the U.S.S. Shenzhou and James Frain as Sarek, Mr. Spock’s father.

Streaming Trek

The show has also garnered some interest for being CBS’s first foray into big-budget streaming television. As such, you won’t be able to watch it on regular television. You'll have to use the CBS All Access streaming service, at least in the United States.

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Furthermore, Star Trek: Discovery won’t offer all of its episodes at once, as Netflix tends to do with its original series like The Defenders. Fans will have to tune in each week, just like they were watching a traditional TV show. Of course, missing an episode when it airs won’t be a problem; after its initial run, viewers will be able to stream it anytime.

Credit: CBS

(Image credit: CBS)

CBS All Access

Your options to watch Star Trek: Discovery are, as such, pretty slim: Either pony up some cash for CBS All Access, or go watch something else. The service offers a 7-day free trial; after that, it costs $6 per month to watch shows with advertisements, or $10 per month to watch without.

On the bright side, watching CBS All Access is trivially simple. Just load the app onto whichever device you use to watch TV (Apple TV, Android, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, PlayStation, Roku, PC, Xbox), log in, and start streaming.

Star Trek: Discovery isn’t the only thing you can watch, either. You’ll get access to a generous back catalog of CBS shows, including NCIS, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife and the other six Star Trek series. (Yes, there are six other series. If you’ve never seen The Animated Series, you can probably skip it.)

As for whether CBS All Access is worth the price in general, I’m ambivalent. But I will absolutely pay for Star Trek: Discovery, and I suspect that many other fans will feel the same way.

Marshall Honorof

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  • Saga Lout
    Not much use outside of the US though. :(
  • chandto
    It's really terrible that discovery won't be available to netflix in the US and canada but is in 180+ other countries. How does that make sense? I guess at this point I'm going to have to wait till they all air and do the trial and watch them that way. GET REAL CBS, you missed the boat.
  • balley8780
    I'm a huge Star Trek fan but I will not participate in this. If Discovery never comes out in syndication with the other Star Trek series, I will never see it.
  • Rob1C
    Don't forget about StarTrekContinues on YouTube.

    Realistic Star Trek episodes professionally produced by a bunch of fans. They've made over half a dozen 50 minute shows that are somewhat equal to the original, even the Cast has easily recognizable similarities.
  • brianb131
    I won't be watching because of the CBS scheme to charge for their shows.
  • james.e.hopper
    I agree with some others. I yield to no one in my love for the series, but I will not encourage this type of extortion. If this is successful EVERY network is going to want their $6 a month which will just get out of hand very quickly.
  • Saga Lout
    All the big corporations in th world are attempting to "moneytise" their products however old they are. Google and Microsoft do it to us by selling our personal data to Spammers.
  • wscarles2
    I won't be buying it either because I believe the same as all the others that have commented. I can't believe CBS and Netflix would team up against the people of the US in a scheme to charge $6-$10 on top of us already paying for the other things that come on your cable channel. I'm already PAYING through the NOSE for cable and internet through my cable provider. They just enacted a bandwidth cap only allowing 1TB of data a month and if you go over that they charge you $10 per 50GB. The only other option with them now is if you plan on going over your data plans from streaming Star Trek and all the other stuff there is to stream, you have to PAY and EXTRA $50 a month for unlimited data. So thank you Cox Communications, CBS, & Netflix for SCREWING THE LITTLE GUY!
  • USAFRet
    Every "channel" or news outlet wants their $2-$5-$10/monthly fee.

    The traditional ad revenue is drying up.
    Eventually this will appear on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I'll watch it then.
    "CBS All Access " ? Not a chance.
  • knatco
    The aliens who control CBS shall not thwart true Trek fans, barring a transporter malfunction.