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IBM Predicts Holographic Phone Calls For 2015

The 2010 - 2015 forecast, shown via a video on YouTube, includes citizen scientists, holographic use of media as well as batteries that are charged by air.

If IBM has its way then we will be talking and communicating with others as well as media via holographic images on our desks or coffee table. You will be even able to walk down the street with a friend who is displayed as a holographic image, the company predicts. Some predictions focus on power consumption. Batteries will last ten times longer than they do today and some batteries will "breathe in" oxygen from the air to generate power, the company said. Use of static may eliminate batteries entirely in some devices.

We won't count on that, but it sounds realistic that the heat dissipated by data centers will be recycled, for example to heat buildings. It also appears reasonable to assume that there will be more systems that connect mobile devices and collect data for traffic and congestion prediction systems as well as for emergency alert systems. You can watch the video here.