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Truphone Pairs With Google Talk For Free VOIP Over Cellphones

Take a cellphone [mobile, as we like to call it -HRH Ed], add internet and VOIP and what do you get? Why free phonecalls, of course... minus the cost of data tariffs, of course, but I'll take 3 cent a megabyte over 15 cents a minute any day.

In this vein Truphone, a VOIP provider, has teamed up with Google Talk in order to allow customers to chat to one another on their mobiles, via VOIP, for free. As Google Talk can't chat to anything outside of its own network, and Truphone doesn't really have an installed userbase the two seem like a match made in carrier hell.

Truphone is now the first Google Approved piece of VOIP software since Google Talk became available on the Nokia N800, and Truphone / Google Talk will run through the Nokia E60, E61, E70 and N80ei; with support promised for the N80, N91, N92, and N93 soon and, more long term, phones using Windows Mobile.