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Former Googler Not Happy with Android Phones

Ulf Washbusch, a former Mobile Manager for Google, is not happy with the G1. Announced by T-Mobile several days ago, the G1 is the first phone to hit the market with Google’s Android operating system installed. Washbusch, who said Android was in the works even before he got hired out of Stanford over two and a half years ago, had little love in his heart for the G1’s hardware.

"The reason many people see the phone as ugly and old-fashioned is simply… because it IS! It’s a design unchanged for at least two years, without iterations on it besides color schemes," said Washbusch. "...And the silly ‘with Google’ description on the back. Don’t ask me what ‘with Google’ means. I didn’t understand it back then and still don’t understand it today."

Washbusch, who still isn’t content even after providing the aforementioned quote, also expressed his dismay through his Facebook status, which BoyGeniusReport reports as being “Ulf is disappointed but not surprised about the ‘G1′. Where’s the cheap data plan? Where do I plug in my headphones? No video player? How do I get contacts in it?”

Is the G1 the prettiest phone on the block? Perhaps not. But when you consider what Android has to offer, many may look beyond the aesthetics and grab the G1 in an iPhone-like craze. As for the data plan and the funky headphone connector... we’re right there with you, Washbusch. While the G1 is the first Android phone to hit store shelves, its hardware flaws may keep it from being the most popular in the long run.